Monday, February 29, 2016

And then there were none...

Blogging by "average people" was by and large killed off by Facebook and Twitter some years ago now. For reasons of privacy, and because the pseudonymous web was the only web that ever really suited me, I avoided the jump to Facebook. I've never had a Facebook ID for even one minute... I'm just not into the idea at all. I found some friends dropped away... but not the ones that got me best and meant the most, in the end.

So, this is my first post in over two years. And all I'm really here to say is... Goodbye! This blog filled a hole at a time of deep loneliness and was one of the key tools that helped me stay sane amidst the odd stress that comes from spending too much time in isolation. Those days are past now. I have my family, I live in a larger city again, and I've slowly expanded my social network back to a comfortable size. If anything, I have very little spare time left to kill and to try to communicate with the world by methods such as this. And nobody reads this little hole in the wall anymore... Some of the technical data here may still be useful to somebody, somehow... but even that I doubt. So, if you want any of the stuff here tagged "computers", you have my permission to repost it.

I plan to pull the plug and delete this thing before 2016 is through. The visits to this blog have tailed off for a long time. I think any value this thing was adding to the world have been exhausted. Now, this page mostly serves to slightly compromise my privacy. It documents a turbulent time for my understanding of religion, the formation of my identity (primarily, as I was turning thirty right before I met my wife; you'd think my identity was settled by then... but no, it was not), and a deepening of my understanding of many things (most of which I have little time to think about now anyway).

My first post was in mid-May 2016. Ten years is a long time! And though this has been far from one of the rosiest decades in world history, I am much better for this past decade. Much happier, much more confident, much less desparing... I hope you all can say the same.

Bye-bye. Fondfire over and out...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Unix Admins are like this...

I've been doing Unix System Administration for over fifteen years now; within five to eight years, I think "Linux System Administration" will describe the job entirely and that's been the biggest improvement over time... In any case, my colleagues and I have been passing around this article written three years ago for a while now and I have to post it here, as it just encapsulates the job of being a Unix Admin very succinctly: If most of it is incomprehensible to you, weeeeelll... We are often incomprehensible people. What can I say?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How we know the Bible is true!

This is it, people. You can all relax secure in the knowledge of the Bible now...

I was reading about "presuppositional apologetics" this morning, which supposedly escapes from this trap... but it doesn't. It's just the na-na-na-na-na-na school of apologetics; the "I know I am, but what are you" school. The school that feels if you stop trying to guilt trip people even in a philosophy discussion, you're bound to lose the argument... And they're probably right about that last point... ;-)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Web Radio I dig

Instead of trying to bring my MP3 collection to work, I've gotten deeply into digging up web radio channels that I plug into via foobar2000 (or Rhythmbox at home). Some of the linked streams use OGG media, so you may need to visit the station's site to find another alternative if you don't want to start utilizing the best in media freedom. Here's what I'm listening to (a few much more than others):

Station namegenredirect stream URL
Absolute 80s (UK)80s Hits
Absolute 90s (UK)90s Hits
Absolute Classic Rock (UK)Classic Rock
Absolute dabbl (UK)Pop
Absolute Radio (UK)Pop
BBC Radio 1 (UK)Pop
BBC Radio 1Xtra (UK)Hip Hop
BBC Radio 2 (UK)Rock
BBC Radio 3 (UK)Classical
BBC Radio 4 (UK)Public
BBC Radio 5 Live (UK)Talk
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra (UK)Sports
BBC Radio 6 Music (UK)Adult Alternative
BBC Radio 7 (UK)Radio Shows
BBC Radio Asian Network (UK)South Asian Pop
BBC World Service (UK)Public
CBC Radio 1 (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)Talk
CBC Radio 2 (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)Classical
CBC Radio 3 -- Live (Canada)Pop
CBC Radio 3 Electronica (Canada)Electronic
CBC Radio 3 Hip Hop (Canada)Hip Hop
CBC Radio 3 Pop (Canada)Pop
CBC Radio 3 Rock (Canada)Rock
Covenant NetworkCatholichttp://
EWTN RadioCatholic
Freethought Radio NetworkTalk - Dream FactoryAmbient - I.D.M. TranceponderTrance - Tronic LoungeHouse
KGSR 93.3 (Cedar Park, TX)Adult Altenative
KINK 101.9 (Portland, OR)Adult Alternative
KKND 102.9 (Belle Chasse, LA)Hip Hop / R&B
KLCL 1470 (Jennings, LA)Cajun
KLRZ 100.3 (Larose, LA)Cajun
KLSU 91.1 (Baton Rouge, LA)Collegehttp://
KMEZ 106.7 (Port Sulpher, LA)Old School
KMYO 96.7 (Morgan City, LA)Retro
KNXX 104.9 (Donaldsonville, LA)Rock
KOCZ 103.7 (Opelousas, LA)Zydeco
KROK 95.7 (South Fort Polk, LA)Adult Alternative
KRVM 91.9 (Eugene, OR)Community
KRVS 88.7 (Lafayette, LA)Community
KSLU1 90.9 (Hammond, LA)Collegehttp://
KSLU2 90.9 (Hammond, LA)Blueshttp://
KUT1 90.5 (Austin, TX)Public
KUT2 90.5 (Austin, TX)Public
KUT3 90.5 (Austin, TX)Public
KVRX 91.7 (Austin, TX)Collegehttp://
KZJM 92.7 (Lafayette, LA)Old School
Moody Radio -- Proclaim!Christianhttp://
National Public RadioPublic
Pagan Radio NetworkPagan
WCDV 103.3 (Baton Rouge, LA)90s Hits
WDEO 990 -- Ave Maria Radio (Ypsilanti, MI)Catholic
WEMX 94.1 (Kentwood, LA)Hip Hop / R&B
WEZB 97.1 (New Orleans, LA)Top 40
WFHN 107.1 (Fairhaven, MA)Top 40
WKBU 95.7 (New Orleans, LA)Classic Rock
WKNC 88.1 (Raleigh, NC)College
WMTI 106.1 (Picayune, MS)Oldies
WPYR 1380 (Baton Rouge, LA)Catholic
WRBH 88.3 (New Orleans, LA)Community
WRKF1 89.3 (Baton Rouge, LA)Public
WRKF2 89.3 (Baton Rouge, LA)Public
WRKN 92.3 (LaPlace, LA)Rock
WSCA 106.1 (Portsmouth, NH)Communityhttp://
WSHO 800 (New Orleans, LA)Christian
WTUL 91.5 (New Orleans, LA)Collegehttp://
WVOG 600 (New Orleans, LA)Gospelhttp://
WWL 870 (New Orleans, LA)Talk
WWNO1 89.9 (New Orleans, LA)Public
WWNO2 89.9 (New Orleans, LA)Public
WWNO3 89.9 (New Orleans, LA)Public
WWOZ 90.7 FM (New Orleans, LA)Community

Freethought Radio Network, Pagan Radio Network, WCDV, WRBH (supremely relaxing, in a strange way often times, particularly if someone is reading fiction), WRKF1&2, WWNO3, and WWOZ are my favorites.